The Barry McElduff debacle has thrown into sharp relief the issue of victims/survivors of the conflict in our country.

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What do you do when you and your family are made homeless? Your notice to quit has expired and you cant source affordable rental accommodation. Your home has been repossessed by the bank and you have no family or friends to stay with. Your parents have thrown you out fed up with the chronic overcrowding caused by you, your partner and two children living in the box bed room forcing your brother to sleep on the couch.


By every indicator the housing crisis is getting worse. On taking office Fine Gael created a stand alone Department of Housing with a dedicated Minister. The first holder of that office, Simon Coveney, launched his flagship Rebuilding Ireland housing plan. Twenty months on and the results speak for themselves.

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This week I re-read The Politics of Irish Freedom. Published in 1986 it was the first detailed account by Gerry Adams of Sinn Féin’s radical republicanism.

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Frances Fitzgerald’s dishonourable discharge from cabinet this week is a symptom in the most classically Freudian of senses.

While the jury is divided as to whether her fall from grace was a result of incompetence or dishonesty, the father of psychoanalysis would argue that the real cause lies elsewhere.

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The Government is really struggling with figures on housing and homelessness. Unfortunately this problem isn’t new.

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Claire and Eoghan are in their early thirties. Both have permanent positions in their respective public and private sector jobs. They are thinking of starting a family and buying their own home.

With a combined income of €60,000 they have mortgage approval for €210k. Their problem is that saving for a deposit while paying €1400 a month in rent has been tough. Eoghan wonders whether they should move in with his parents until they have the €30,000 saved.

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