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General election 2016 presents voters with a straight choice – a Fine Gael or a Sinn Féin led government.

The idea that the outcome has all but been decided is not only insulting to voters but runs contrary to the facts.

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So, the recovery has finally arrived. The economy is growing, unemployment is falling and the long cold winter of austerity has come to an end.

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As the general election draws ever closer it is clear that the Labour Party are under pressure.

Desperate to deflect attention away from the negative impact of their decisions on ordinary people they have turned misrepresentation into a new art form.

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Have you ever heard of the expenditure benchmark? Do you know how to calculate a structural deficit? Can you explain the interaction between the debt and deficit rules?

If the answer to these questions is no, don’t worry. You are obviously a well-grounded person with a good work life balance.

If the answer is yes, well you clearly need to get out more.

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Fine Gael and Labour’s economic recovery is a tale of two Ireland’s.

GDP is rising. Bond yields are falling. Property prices are recovering. Jobs are being created. People are even buying new cars.

According to Michael Noonan ‘austerity as we know it is over.’

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There is a recovery of sorts, beginning to take shape.

The state has exited the Troika bailout. The government has re-entered the bond markets. And the number of jobs in the economy is starting to grow, albeit at a very slow pace.

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