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On Saturday tens of thousands of people marched through Dublin under the Right2Water banner, demanding the abolition of water charges.

The Right2Water TDs, supported by the hundreds of thousands of people who have marched and boycotted the unjust charge, will table two private members motions on water in October.
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Emily is nine years old. She will soon have spent a full year of her young life living in a hotel. She is one of almost 2000 children across the state who will sleep in emergency accommodation tonight.

It will cost €36,000 to keep Emily and her mother in that hotel for 12 months. €100 for every night they spend cooped up in a small room, living out of suitcases.

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What a difference a year makes. Early 2015 was a moment of enormous optimism for the Left in the eurozone periphery.

Syriza had swept to power in Greece on 36% of the popular vote. Sinn Féin and Podemos were riding high in the Irish and Spanish polls and looking like potential leaders of left led governments.

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Speaking last November at a Sinn Féin Conference in Clondalkin Gerry Adams called for a ‘realignment of Irish politics’.

He said, ‘Let those on the left who really believe that a government without Fine Gael or Fianna Fail is possible, begin working now together towards that end.’
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One thing is clear from recent elections and opinion polls. The cosy consensus of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael no longer commands the support of the majority of people.

After 90 years of corrupt and incompetent Governments, a growing number of people have clearly had enough. They want change.

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Eamon Gilmore’s address to the Labour party conference last month was strong on rhetoric but short on specifics.

With the local and European elections only months away the Labour leader seemed reluctant to make any big commitments.

But old habits die hard and Gilmore just had to promise something.

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There is a recovery of sorts, beginning to take shape.

The state has exited the Troika bailout. The government has re-entered the bond markets. And the number of jobs in the economy is starting to grow, albeit at a very slow pace.

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