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After a ten hour marathon session of the Oireachtas Water Committee last Tuesday, Fianna Fáil finally caved into Fine Gael on water charges.

In a series of votes, Barry Cowen and his team opposed proposals which only days before they enthusiastically supported.

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The Irish government is about to be hauled to the European Court of Justice for breach of EU water law.

This legal action has nothing to do with water charges or the Water Framework Directive.

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Historically the Irish left has suffered from two weaknesses – a poverty of ambition and a lack of credible alternatives. These weaknesses, more than anything else, are the reason why the south of Ireland has never had a left wing government.

Last weekend’s conference organised by the five Right2Water trade unions –Unite, Mandate, CPSU, CWU, OPATSI- sought to address these weaknesses.

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