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Speaking last November at a Sinn Féin Conference in Clondalkin Gerry Adams called for a ‘realignment of Irish politics’.

He said, ‘Let those on the left who really believe that a government without Fine Gael or Fianna Fail is possible, begin working now together towards that end.’
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The next general election could be a game changer. It could be the most significant election in the history of the State since 1933.

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In the first of what is going to be a regular contribution to Mandate’s inhouse publication Union Post I argue that one year after taking office the evidence suggests that Fine Gael and Labour’s policy of austerity isn’t working.

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2011 has been a very interesting year for the southern Irish party political left.

The general election in February brought the largest number of left wing deputies into the Oireachtas in its 90-year history. Sixty-three TDs were elected on a variety of social democratic, left republican, revolutionary socialist and independent left platforms.

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Watch Eoin Ó Broin debate the role of the Labour Party in Government with Joanna Tuffy TD, journalist Mick Clifford and historian Niamh Puirséil on Tonight with Vincent Browne here.