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This week I re-read The Politics of Irish Freedom. Published in 1986 it was the first detailed account by Gerry Adams of Sinn Féin’s radical republicanism.

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After a ten hour marathon session of the Oireachtas Water Committee last Tuesday, Fianna Fáil finally caved into Fine Gael on water charges.

In a series of votes, Barry Cowen and his team opposed proposals which only days before they enthusiastically supported.

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It is hard to put into words the deep sense of loss that Irish republicans are feeling today.

The untimely passing of Martin McGuinness has left a hole in our political world. Continue reading

The Irish government is about to be hauled to the European Court of Justice for breach of EU water law.

This legal action has nothing to do with water charges or the Water Framework Directive.

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When it comes to Government there are two kinds of political parties.

There are those who accept the status quo. Their policy agenda may involve some proposals for change. But these can be accommodated within the existing order of things.

Then there are those committed to something more profound. Their agenda can not be satisfied within the status quo. They want to replace the existing order of things with something radically different.

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After 70 hours of meetings over seven weeks, involving 41 hearings and 90 written submission the Dáil Housing and Homelessness Committee has published its report on time.

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Love him or loath him you have to admit that Vincent Browne has done the state some service. He is one of the few presenters who can unnerve even the most seasoned media performer.

Like a cranky, scruffy old dog with a well chewed bone he just won’t let go – even when the rest of the pack has drifted off in search of more meaty morsels.

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