Eoin Ó Broin is a Sinn Féin activist & writer based in Clondalkin, Dublin.

He was co-opted onto South Dublin County Council in October 2014 for the Clondalkin local electoral area and went on to top the poll in the 2014 local elections for the same ward. He also works as a policy advisor for the Sinn Féin Dáil team specialising in European Union, housing and economic policy.

Eoin is Sinn Féin’s candidate for the constituency of Dublin Mid West in the upcoming Dáil election.

He has published two books. Matxinada, Basque Nationalism and Radical Basque Youth Movements (LRB 2003) and Sinn Féin and the Politics of Left Republicanism (Pluto 2009).

Eoin is currently working on a third book, A Better Ireland, Arguments for a New Republic, which is due to be published in 2012.

To contact Eoin Ó Broin

Phone: 087 2794843

Email: eoinobroin@hotmail.com

  1. twittisist says:


    Sandra Mcellan recommended I contact you with some of the suggestions I presented to her this morning. Trust you will find them useful.

    “ let us end Austerity and Begin Prosperity” SINN FEIN

    This is my promise to you, the Irish People, When you elect me Taoiseacht my first act will be cutting my salary to the minimum wage and my Sinn Fein Governmental ministers will do likewise. All monies used for expenses occurred by doing Government business will be accounted for and published monthly for the Irish people to review. I make this promise to the Irish people to show my intent to reform a Systemic profile of Corruption in Irish Government, and my accountability will be transparent from my first paycheck. Sinn Fein intends to lead by example.

    Let’s end this Austerity based on false reasoning about the Illegal, catastrophic financial blunder the Late Mr. Lenahan made on behalf of the Irish people and has lead the present government to employ the same scare-mongering and Bullying tactics as their predecessors Fenna Fail.

    I.E. Illegally insuring private speculation debt at the expense of the Irish People. As every investment comes with a legally binding Risk Warning, thus making it illegal to guarantee any moneys lost through private investment: This is a private issue not a Sovereign one.

    All the Irish Government has to do is point this accounting mistake out to the Troika, say we are sorry and then let them get back to us with any legal reason why we are obliged to continue to repay non sovereign debt. We can also request the Trokia to return all moneys we have already mistakenly paid due to this blundering Guarantee Mr Lenahan made on our behalf.

    By reneging on this misguided and Illegal Guarantee; True Irish Debt would be manageable and not in need of any austerity, quite the opposite it would make Billions available for Investment in all walks of Irish Life.

    “ let us end Austerity and Begin Prosperity” SINN FEIN

    “ Don’t let the Bondholders Burn Us!!!!” ( Good Slogans)

    This is a link to some of my proposals: http://twittisist.wordpress.com/

    Reforming Ireland Link:


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