Keating Budget Speech Dishonest & Offensive

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Budget 2013, Dublin Mid West, Fine Gael

Sinn Féin Dublin Mid-West representative Eoin Ó Broin has described Fine Gael TD Derek Keating’s budget speech as “dishonest and offensive’. Ó Broin also accused Keating of “seeking to scapegoat single mothers and those on social welfare in order to hide his own broken promises and lavish pay and expenses.”

Ó Broin said:

“Last week Fine Gael TD Derek Keating gave speech during the debate on the Social Welfare Bill. He justified his support for the Fine Gael and Labour cuts agenda by attacking single mothers and people on social welfare. His speech was dishonest and offensive.

“Clearly Deputy Keating wanted to distract attention away from his own broken election promises and the lavish pay and expenses he draws down as a TD.

“In their 2011 General Election Manifesto Fine Gael said that an ‘annual, recurring residential property tax on the family home is unfair’. They said that after the 2014 local elections they would introduce ‘fairer alternatives to Fianna Fail’s and Labour’s recurring annual tax on the family home’.

“Derek Keating campaigned on this election manifesto and on this election promise. He told voters that if elected he would not introduce a property tax.

“Yet last week Michael Noonan announced the introduction of an annual, recurring residential property tax on the family home. Derek Keating supports this proposal.

“A large number of Deputy Keating’s voters in Lucan are struggling to pay their mortgages, weighed down by negative equity, mortgage arrears and household debt.

“In addition to the cut to child benefit, the impact of a property tax on these families will be severe. For many it will push them into mortgage arrears. For others it could result in the loss of their family home.

“Clearly Deputy Keating is embarrassed by his own broken election promises. He is clearly unable to justify these measures to his voters. So in the worst kind of politics possible he is scapegoating single mothers and families claiming social welfare to justify his support for the budget.

“As he was giving his speech in the Dáil about a dependency culture I wonder if he was thinking of the lavish salary and expenses he draws down every month. Deputy Keating claims a total of €10,863 in salary and expenses every single month. In a full year he claims €130,372. Twice since Deputy Keating was elected to the Dáil Sinn Féin has published legislation to slash the pay and perks for TDs and Ministers. Deputy Keating and his colleagues in Fine Gael refuse to support our legislation.

“Budget 2013 is deeply unfair. It is anti-child and anti-family. For Derek Keating to attack low income families while living it up on his TDs salary of €92,000 per year plus an extra €37,700 in expenses is nothing short of hypocritical. “ENDS

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