Clondalkin Mill Centre Jobs at Risk

Posted: August 13, 2012 in Dublin Mid West, Economy, Jobs

Jobs in Clondalkin’s Mill Centre are at risk as businesses struggle with high rents. Sinn Féin Dublin Mid-West representative Eoin Ó Broin has called on the government to ‘intervene as a matter of urgency to save both jobs and businesses.’ Sinn Féin has also learnt that the Landlord Liam Carroll and his agent Rothwaite refuse to renegotiate rents that were set at during the boom for long standing tenants while new tenants are being offered lengthy rent holidays.

Ó Broin said:

‘A number of businesses operating in the Clondalikin Mill Centre are at risk of closure as a result of high rents. The rents, which in many cases were set during the height of the boom, as simply to high to allow traders to survive.  The majority of traders are now in arrears with their rent. The upward only rent clauses in tenants contracts are putting otherwise viable businesses and jobs at risk.

‘Existing traders have approached Rothwaite, the agent acting on behalf of landlord Liam Carroll, with sensible proposals to ‘park’ six months rent until economic conditions improve. Such a move would secure the long-term viability of their businesses, jobs and ultimately the Mill Centre itself. However so far the agents have rejected the trader’s proposals citing pressure from their bank Lloyds as the excuse.

‘However Sinn Féin has learnt that new tenants to the Mill are being offered rent free periods of up to nine months as part of a deal to bring them into the centre. Some of these deals are being negotiated with retail outlets that will be in direct competition with existing traders. This is not only unfair but may be in breach of competition law.

‘Clondalkin has a high level of unemployment which is now higher than when Fine Gael and Labour took office. The idea that viable businesses and jobs in the area could be lost because of short term thinking by landlords and banks is unacceptable.  There is an urgent need for government to intervene to ensure that lenders, landlords and traders are working together in the interests of the local economy and local employment.

‘I will be writing to the Minister for Enterprise Richard Bruton asking him to look into the matter and whether Liam Carroll and Rothwaite are in breach of company law. I will also be writing to Dublin Mid-West’s four Government TDs asking them to intervene directly with the Minister to save those jobs and businesses at the Mill Centre that are at risk.’ ENDS

  1. paul conway says:

    Hi its mad

  2. ben johns says:

    Unfortunatly some shops have closed in the mill centre over the last few months. With some empty
    units the landlords still will not help exsisting shops.

  3. Tower Jewellers PDC. says:

    Thanks for highlighting this seriously concerning matter. We have been trying to negotiate with the landlords for over 4 years now and it’s falling on deaf ears. Unfortunately if nothing is changed jobs will inevitably be lost and once again unemployment will increase in the Clondalkin area, an area where employment has increased by 6% this year. It’s time for landlords to start listening and a substantial decrease in rates!!
    Thanks again.

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