Robert Dowds & Joanna Tuffy Running Scared of Treaty Debate

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Austerity Treaty Referendum, Dublin Mid West, Labour

Sinn Féin Dublin Mid-West representative Eoin Ó Broin has today accused Labour TDs Robert Dowds and Joanna Tuffy of “running scared of a public debate on the Austerity Treaty.” The comments come after Dowds and Tuffy refused to debate the Austerity Treaty publically with Ó Broin.

Ó Broin said:

“Following the announcement of a referendum on the Austerity Treaty I contacted Labour and Fine Gael TDs in Dublin Mid-West inviting them to debate the treaty at a series of public meetings. A public debate of this kind would give the general public the opportunity to hear both sides of the argument.

“While the Fine Gael TDs have not yet ruled out a debate Labour TDs Robert Dowds and Joanna Tuffy have refused to share a platform with me on this issue.

“Clearly Robert Dowds and Joanna Tuffy are running scared of a public debate on the Austerity Treaty.

“The Austerity Treaty will impose up to €6bn of additional austerity post 2015. This means more cuts to health and education services and more taxes and charges on low and middle income families. It is any wonder that Deputy Dowds and Tuffy are reluctant to share a platform with me on this issue as doing so would require them to justify these additional cuts.

“The Austerity Treaty is being supported Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail. However there is growing opposition to it in Ireland and across the EU.

“Jack O’Connor the President of SIPTU, and a Labour Party member has described the Treaty as, ‘the worst imaginable response to the challenge of recession and stagnation’ that ‘will have a far reaching effect on people’s lives across the EU by reducing pension provision, cutting public services, eroding people’s rights at work and driving down the cost of labour.’

“Labour MEPs voted against much of the content of this Treaty when it came before the European Parliament last September, with former Dublin Labour MEP Proinsias de Rossa saying the measures would, ““…kill growth, destroy jobs and derail economic recovery.”

“And in France and Germany the labour party’s there do not support the Treaty in its current form.

“Given all of this there is little surprise that both Robert Dowds and Joanna Tuffy want to avoid a public debate at which they would have to explain who many people in his own party are against this Treaty.

“Sinn Féin will organise the public meetings regardless and the invitation to Deputies Dowds and Tuffy and the other Government TDs remains open. Hopefully they will have the courage of their convictions to debate the contents of the Treaty and its implications for people in Dublin Mid-West ” ENDS

  1. Rita Cahull says:

    FG and LB are Trying to upload new Members of Their Teams” and Get Rid of Seanad In the Oireachtas to gain More Power” this was their plan all along as to Why they Brought the 15 year old past” that was somehow finished and no justice was done then” mainly for their purpose is to try gain more glory and gain more extra seats” for their own cronies in FG,
    FG Leader Enda Kenny will lead the Full powerful glory and implement their own laws” so I would be Very Careful” and think about what is really going on here” planned to a very careful plot” not for the sake of Justice “ but for their own Glory Power”
    this Tribunal is a Publicity Stunt, in a matter of Speaking” right I Know Corruptions did take Place by Fianna Fail”
    but Why act on these tribunal Cases now” just before a referendum” it’s a Deliberate Force act on The Irish People to Pay out Millions to Open another Tribunal” so that they can Succeed in a yes vote ” they will implement the Bill to The Tax payers “no doubt about this”
    After another tribunal investigation is implemented BY FG and LB, this is just a cunning Act that they have planned and come up with “for quite some time”
    and More Mad Borrowing will be sought after in more Debt asking EU to give us another large sum loan, to force us into to accepting the Fiscal Treaty” this Plan was a genius” plot to interfere with The referendum in a yes vote”,
    I am not Far from the truth”
    Ask Enda Kenny “why now a tribunal re-opening of the case all of a sudden” Ask them” get some
    This is Just a Media Stunt” to Boost RTE TV show after Sean Gallagher investigaion over presidential Election” RTE Went Downhill a little”

    Alert Attention Please !
    I keep telling people if we all paid 10 euro in the whole of Ireland we could legally chalenge the household and water tax and have it abolished ” Legally in a high court” like we did in 1994! and we won” Rita Cahill,

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