Govt Must Reverse Community Safety Forum Worker Funding Cut

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Dublin Mid West

 Speaking today Sinn Fein Dublin Mid-West representative Eoin O Broin has called on the Government ‘to immediately reverse the 75% funding cut to the four community safety worker posts in Clondalkin and Tallaght.’ The call comes after the four staff were put on protective notice following a unilateral division by the Department of Environment to cut their funding by 75% with immediate effect with the remaining 25% ending in March.

O Broin said:

‘There are four community safety scheme workers in Clondalkin and Tallaght. They provide a range of vital services to local communities at very little cost to the exchequer.

‘In North and South Clondalkin the community safety forum workers coordinate the work of the local community safety forum – a vital link between the Garda and the local community.

‘They organise a wide range of activities to address the high levels of anti-social behaviour in the community including diversionary programmes for you people with a particular focus on times when anti-social behaviour is at its height.

‘They also work with local residents groups to organise clean-ups and reduce illegal dumping.

‘Their regular community newsletters are also an important source of information for people.

‘The Department of Environment is arguing that these services can be provided directly by South Dublin County Council. This is not the case. No funding has been allocated to the Council to pick up the various programes when the posts cease to exist in March. More importantly the community based nature of the workers, which enables them to work within the community with greater effect, cannot be replicated by Council staff.

‘The decision by the Fine Gael and Labour government to cut the funding from these posts is a serious blow to community. Not only will four individuals lose their jobs. But local people will lose vital services which will not be replaced. The Minister responsible must reverse this decision’ ENDS

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