Government Must Intervene to Resolve La Senza Dispute

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Dublin Mid West, Workers Rights

Sinn Fein Dublin Mid West representative Eoin O Broin has said that ‘Sinn Fein supports the La Senza workers occupation in Liffey Valley shopping centre’ and called on the ‘Government to intervene to resolve the dispute.’

 O Broin said:

‘Workers from La Senza’s Dublin operations have, since Monday January 9th, occupied the Liffey Valley Store, Clondalkin. Agents acting on behalf of their employer contacted them yesterday to inform them that they were being made redundant and that the copmpany was not offering any redundency.

‘In response to this shocking treatment by their employer, staff from the stores in Clondalkin, Grafton Street and Blanchardstown have occupied the Liffey Valley premises.

‘Ten staff took part in the first day of the occupation and up to 40 women are expected top participate in the occupation by today. The staff are made up of a mixture of college students, young single mothers, women with families and mortgages.

‘It is completely unaccepctable for these women to be treated in this way. To be told on a Monday morning that you have no job is a disgrace. To then be told that no redundency package would be provided by the company just added insult to injury.

‘A worrying trend is emerging with companies behaving in this unjust and wreckless way. In response to this cavalire attitude workers in Vita Cortex Cork and now in La Senza in Dublin are taking the only course of action open to them, occupying their place of work untill an adequate settlement is put in place by the company.

‘However if the company is unwilling to respond then the Government must intervene.

‘I am also calling on the general public, particularly in Clondalkin, to show practical support to the workers in La Senza by calling in to the occupation in Liffey Valley.’ ENDS

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