SF Protest at Fine Gael & Labour Clondalkin Offices

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Budget 2012, Dublin Mid West

Speaking during protests at the Constituency Offices of Frances Fitzgerald TD and Robert Dowds TD on Saturday 17 December, Sinn Féin Dublin Mid West representative Eoin Ó Broin accused the Government parties of ‘breaking their election promises’ and ‘introducing a Fianna Fail style budget.’ Twenty Sinn Féin supporters held the protests outside the Clondalkin Village offices of the two Government TDs at 1pm for an hour.

Ó Broin said:

‘Last February during the general election Fine Gael and Labour promised change. They said they would invest in jobs, improve public services and protect the most vulnerable.

‘Ten months later they have broken these promises.

“They have introduced a budget that will result in the loss of up to 20,000 jobs. They are cutting vital funding from education, health and community services. They are cutting social welfare payments from older people, lone parents, carers and people with disabilities. And they are imposing stealth charges and tax hikes that will cost the average family up to €1000 per year.

‘Fine Gael and Labour have broken their election promises. They have introduced a Fianna Fail style budget that protects the super rich while punishing those on low and middle incomes.

‘Dublin Mid West has four Government TDs. They are all supporting a budget that cuts funding to disadvantaged schools; cuts funding to disability and mental health services; cuts funding from our health system; cuts funding from community employment schemes; cuts funding from the social housing budget; increases college fees; increases VAT; and hits families with the household charge and increased motor tax.

‘At the same time the same Government is giving €3.1 billion a year of taxpayers money to Anglo Irish Bank; giving Government advisors pay rises of  €35,000; loosing literally billion of euros every year in tax breaks for the super rich; and maintaining pensions for former Ministers from their own parties of up to €140,000 despite the fact that these individuals haven’t even reached pensionable age.

‘Fine Gael and Labour say they had to make tough decisions. The only decision they took is to protect them selves and their pals while making the rest of us foot the bill. Today’s protests were organised to expose the litany of broken promises by Fine Gael, Labour and their four Dublin Mid West TDs.’ ENDS

  1. Good to see Sinn Fein leading the fight-back on the streets and in the dail-

  2. Lar Bates says:

    Eoin and Sinn Féin the only ones leading the way in Dublin Mid West too

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